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Being a photographer at the Olympics is insanely grueling work

Athletes aren’t the only ones performing feats of strength and endurance at the Rio de Janeiro Games — Olympic photographers have it pretty tough, too. Getty Images chief photographer Al Bello spoke with INSIDER from Rio, where he’s currently shooting aquatics events like swimming and diving. Bello revealed that snapping those iconic Olympics images involves a lot more than just pressing a button […]

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Watch Nine Glorious Porsches Weave Majestically Through the Alps

“20 different mountain passes over the course of 2,000 kilometers.” CURVES Magazine has teamed up with nine Porsche enthusiasts to push the German vehicles to their limits on 20 mountain passes in the Alps. The clip includes beauty shots of a wide range of vehicles–911s mostly– that span throughout the German automotive’s backlog of 2+2s. Older legacy models meet newer […]

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