Surprise, Surprise, Trump Pulls a Trump

What hasn’t been said about Donald Trump that we can say? Well, for starters, The Donald has successfully managed to one-up himself by pulling the biggest Trump move possible. Rather than explain exactly what he did, just take 3.5 seconds out of your quiet, boredom-filled afternoon (assuming you don’t have a dail-up connection still) and go to:


At this point, you have to think that Trump and his team should drop out of the race and start a business teaching people how to perfect the art of trolling. This funny but dirty little trick that he and his team allegedly managed to pull had to have been carefully planned and tracked for some time now, and amounts to yet another misstep in the pitifully run Jeb Bush campaign. Just tap out, dude.

Sometimes you’re the pigeon, sometimes you’re the statue…




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