Donald Trump’s Rise Is a Scary Moment in America

PEOPLE! WAKE THE FUCK UP! I truly can’t believe that is has come to this already. How has a racist reality TV star who has gone bankrupt multiple times even made it this far?! It doesn’t make sense. At all. Take a look at this video and you will see just a small little tidbit on how ridiculous this is:


This man is making a mockery and embarrassment of our country, the democratic process, and the office of the President aka THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD.



Let that sink in for a little…




How are there people out there who think he is fit to run this country and represent us in front of the rest of the world?! I’m not telling you who to vote for, but I’m telling you don’t vote for this clown. Doing so would be an incomprehensible step back for our country and the progress we have made in the last few decades. Trump is not Presidential. End. Of. Story. While I get that most the blame should fall on the the media (cough cough, Fox) since they are the people being irresponsible by promoting this joker and taking him seriously, I just find it hard to grasp that there are that many clueless, uneducated people out there that would actually vote for Trump. It scares me, it really does.

So here it is, America. This is your front desk calling to give you your 10am wakeup call. WAKE THE FUCK UP! It’s time for this joke to end. The orchestra is playing. The red light is flashing. Get off the stage Trump, or Wayne Brady might have to choke a bitch.





1 thought on “Donald Trump’s Rise Is a Scary Moment in America

  1. Wow this EXACTLY mirrors what I’ve been thinking and saying. It’s frightening that there are SO many people out there who are buying into his hype.


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