Must SEE: A Town Secretly Learns Sign Language to Give Deaf Man an Amazing Day

Today’s video of the day a truly a must SEE moment.

It took one month of preparation, sign language training for dozens of people, countless hidden cameras and one awesome vision to help this guy feel connected to people around him. In order to promote their new service in Turkey, Samsung created a Truman Show-esque world for hearing impaired Muharrem, at least for couple of minutes.

This day, when he walked out, everybody seems to finally understand him. Something we all take for granted but it means a world to people with hearing problems. You can’t help but feel emotionally touched by this… just imagine what it was like for him.

This was a very cool move of Samsung to help this town put this on. I wish more corporate companies would take on endeavors like this. Wouldn’t it be nice if sign language was also provided as an option children to learn in schools at a young age so everyone was fluent?


Source: Daily Liked


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