Hug It Out: Ben Affleck Smuggles BFF Matt Damon Onto ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

In case you’re unaware, Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye: the two have had one of the longest, most large-scale feuds in Hollywood history, that started with Jimmy Kimmel closing his shows with “Apologies to Matt Damon but we ran out of time” night after night after night. Things really got heated when Kimmel’s ex-flame Sarah Silverman got involved, and even more so when Kimmel retorted similarly with Damon’s “other half.” Years and years of gags later and on February 28, the post-Oscars episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the show welcomed a surprisingly hefty Ben Affleck to the stage, only to have Kimmel discover that Matt Damon had been smuggled onto the set. Watch the hilarious-yet-sympathetic clip above and for more, be sure to check out Jimmy’s latest edition of “Mean Tweets” in case you missed it.

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