New Yorkers, Rejoice! Public Drinking Now Decriminalized

For whatever reason, this amazing bit of news has been swept under the rug… However, we here at KTB don’t let that type of shit fly! According to Gizmodo: “Today, Manhattan’s district attorney announced that the borough won’t arrest people for public consumption of alcohol unless it poses a threat to safety. New Yorkers who drink in public on the island might get a summons and be ordered to pay a fine, but what this announcement really sounds like is that you’re more likely to get a warning than anything else.”

“Decriminalizing public drinking is a huge step forward in a city like New York. When it comes to enjoying an adult beverage outside the confines of a specially licensed facility, the US is puritanical to a fault. Only a handful of cities allow public drinking, and many of those are in special ‘entertainment zones’ like the Las Vegas Strip, where—to be honest—it’s not that fun to drink in public at all. Great cities around the world allow residents and visitors to freely imbibe at parks and on beaches. And they’re better places for it.”

“It does seem like many US cities are finding more ways to allow responsibly drinking adults to enjoy a few cocktails outside of the traditional bar and restaurant environment. Just look at the explosion of family-friendly beer gardens modeled after the pubs of Europe, where kids are encouraged to tag along with their parents as they down a pint or two. Chilling out about public drinking might actually allow parents to hang in a park with their kids while enjoying some wine. It seems particularly cruel to not allow consumption of booze in a public space in Manhattan, a place where most people don’t have backyards.”

As a resident of New York City, I can without a doubt say that I plan on taking advantage of this newly passed law every weekend from now until I can no longer drink adult beverages, especially when I’m in the world famous Central Park.

Cheers! (pun intended)


Source: Gizmodo


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