Common Daily Habits That Damage The Brain

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Sometimes, we aren’t even aware that some everyday things that we do, can actively affect our brain and cause long term effects. Everything you do influences your body in a certain way, and what’s more, certain activities prevent normal brain functioning and even damage its structure.

Now imagine repeating these actions daily for years and years and guess what happens.  Your own habits are killing your brain. Here are some daily habits that we do which damages the brain.

Smoking: The terrible habit of smoking considerably reduces brain matter as well the oxygen supply to the brain, it has been proven to promote the appearance of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.  Also, heterocyclic amines that are released during cigarette combustion interfere with correct DNA reproduction, leading to mutations that cause cancerous cells.

Not sleeping enough: One needs 8 hours of sleep a night in order for the brain to rest, for metabolic processes to properly take place with the resulting energy produced, as well as for cellular renovation.  Depriving oneself of sleep accelerates the death of brain cells over short term, and will keep one tired and in a bad mood all day.

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Not eating breakfast: Many people avoid breakfast either to diet or their too busy schedules doesn’t give them much time to have their breakfast, after 8 hours of sleep the body needs sufficient nutrients. People who do not take breakfast or skip their very first meal of the morning, usually get a low blood sugar level which is not good for the health, this results in less supply of nutrients to the brain, which can cause brain degeneration. Skipping meals means no carbohydrates, which leads to less energy which you need for all your day.



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  1. Great post! I think sleep and eating nutritious foods can be easily forgotten so its an awesome reminder 🙂

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