Never Before Seen Color Photos From WWII

I think everyone can agree that WWII was the most fascinating and interesting of all the wars. Sure, we won (and of course that helps), but something about that war being just out of reach for our parents’ generation really gives it some extra mystery. Add to that the fact that it had an impact on everyone around the world, and you can see why this war has such high intrigue from people of all ages and walks of life. So, when you get to see some rare color photos of life during WWII, it’s always seen as a treat (as least to me).

These photos from the US Library of Congress, give us a rare glimpse of life in the US during World War II in color. The photos show some of the amazing changes that World War II helped usher into the US, such as women in the workforce and the widespread adoption of aerial and mechanized warfare.

Some of the photos are below, but to get a large, comprehensive look at all of these awesome color photos and captions explaing each one, check out the rest of the Business Insider article.






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