Being single, means that you get a taste of all that there is out there.


On the face of it, people in relationships may seem to be at the happiest stage of their lives. The world has drilled into us, that everyone, eventually needs to find someone to be with. However, relationships may not always be the happy bed of roses they seem to be. This is because people often advertise the good parts of their relationship to the world, but keep the ugly bits under wraps. On the contrary, while singletons may sometimes feel lonely, they are usually free, liberated and happy most of the time. Here’s why flying solo may not be the worst thing in the world.

1. You don’t need someone else to make you happy.

People in relationships who profess that they’ve never been happier in their life, seem to be overlooking the years they spent without their partner. What about your childhood, your teenage years, your growing up years; basically life in general before you met your partner? You weren’t moping around sadly all day, were you? Holding a significant other responsible for one’s happiness is ridiculous, and singletons are smart enough to know that.

2. There’s no need to be with only one person.

Variety is the spice of life. You don’t have just one friend for everything, do you? Why shouldn’t it be the same with significant others? Relationships tie you down and bind you to one person for life. Being single means that you get a taste of all that there is out there.

3. Singletons have better sex lives!

People in relationships tend to fall into a rut, rather than trying out new things. It’s easy to fall into a comfortable, boring pattern everyday. On the other hand, unattached people have the liberty to sleep with whomsoever they please; and new people=new moves in bed! It’s a no-brainer!

4. You don’t have to settle.

Sometimes, the right person just doesn’t appear! It’s rare, but it happens. In that case, rather than settling for second best, some people just choose to wait it out, and hold out for that one perfect someone.

5. Relationships take effort.

Let’s face it; they do! Even the best ones. Accommodating someone’s needs, being there for them all the time, buying gifts, investing time in the relationship – all of this can get to be too much of a burden for some people. Sometimes it’s best to just enjoy a whole pizza and a glass of wine by yourself. Company is overrated.

6. You get the whole bed to yourself!

Trust me, nothing beats not having to deal with someone’s snoring and blanket stealing. Sleeping alone, spread out on the whole bed, with the AC just at the temperature you want it to be, is the best! No amount of pre-bed cuddling could beat that!

7. Relationship-related stress can affect other areas of life too.

Consider this. You have an important presentation tomorrow, but you’ve had a massive fight with your partner? Wouldn’t you be distracted? Well, maybe the best of us can successfully compartmentalize work and personal life, but for most people it’s hard. There’s bound to be some effect of your fight on your productivity at work. But being single means not having to worry about any of that.

8. Being single means having control over your own life, time and money.

And who doesn’t want that? Even in the most independent of relationships, some degree of accountability is always there. You might have some demands made on your time, that you could do without. Sometimes it’s hard to say no to the person one loves. That’s why people choose to remain single.

9. It leaves you with more time to pursue your passions.

With juggling work and a relationship, there’s hardly any time left to do the things that bring you happiness. Having a hobby, particularly a creative one, always makes people feel fulfilled and content. If being in a relationship means giving up on that, is it any wonder so many people choose to remain single?

With so many options and opportunities out there, is it any wonder that people wish to be free, rather than being tied down to one person? Relationships can huge deterrents to enjoying life, and can bog you down. Except if it’s with the right person. Then there’s nothing like it.

By Limitless

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