By Thrillist 

Ever wonder what happened to Kelso and Hyde after That ’70s Show ended? Maybe you wished the two would end up playing brothers on a Colorado ranch, trading insults and slamming beers on a porch forever? Well, if you had that oddly specific dream, Netflix has got you covered with its new sitcom The Ranch, which debuts on Friday, April 1.

The first trailer for the laugh-track-filled sitcom gives you a taste of what this show will be about: Ashton Kutcher plays a failed football player who returns home to his deadbeat brother (Danny Masterson) and their gruff, Red Forman-esque dad (Sam Elliott). Put-downs are exchanged. Heartfelt moments are shared. Ashton Kutcher is shirtless at one point.

The whole thing look pretty familiar, right? Well, that’s not surprising. With the arrival of Fuller House, Netflix seems to be in the business of providing comfort food for nostalgic millennials, and The Ranch looks like it’ll make for a tasty, down-home snack. Like pigs in a blanket. Or your mom’s bean dip.

But there are some rough edges here. They can drop F-bombs, for one thing, and I assume they won’t have to do that whole spinning camera thing every time the characters share a joint. And the presence of heavyweights like Elliott and Debra Winger could give the show some dramatic heft. At the very least, it looks better than Kutcher’s stint on Two and a Half Men.

One more thing: can Laura Prepon’s Orange Is the New Black character make a cameo? And can Wilmer Valderrrama stop by? That would make this ranch a place I’d want to hang around.

Source: Thrillist



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