This Is How You Reinvent Yourself

Who wants to reinvent with us?

By Limitless -“The idea of re-inventing anything seems like a crazy undertaking. What does reinventing even mean? You’ve already invented something so the only option you’ve got is to improve on it. Reinventing implies breaking apart what is already existent. When it’s a thing, you could do it. If you’re not too emotionally attached to it and it holds no sentimental value, breaking it isn’t really heartbreaking at all. But let’s consider doing that to yourself — simply breaking yourself apart — asking everything you believe in, the way you think, the way you function to change.


That’s a harder deal isn’t it? The idea can shake the best of us. We’ve spent blood, sweat and tears building ourselves up. How do you let that crumble so easily? We’re people with thoughts, experiences, moral and beliefs. We let these govern what we understand ourselves to be. Reinvention becomes cumbersome, almost impossible. The slightest indication that we need to do that sends us into panic.

So this is how you do it. There’s no one formula fits all with reinventing yourself. Everyone’s got their own processes, their own ways to begin. It will almost always start with denial, with your mind refusing to admit you’ve got to start somehow. You’ve been stagnant and still far too long so you’ve got to get off the couch and push. You’ll start very gradually, with a lot of self-cajoling and convincing because you’ll get to that point where nobody can help you but you. You’ll start making the little tweaks in your daily habits, pausing to think twice about how to do something you’ve been doing like the back of your hand. You’ll second guess and trip a lot more. You’ll fall when you’re standing, sometimes you’ll keel over and you won’t realize it until the absolute last minute and you’ll land hard. But reinventing yourself is exactly about that — falling and failing and picking yourself up to face one more obstacle.


Reinventing yourself is like cleansing — it’s uncomfortable and every cell in your body is screaming for it to stop, to cease completely. The absolute truth to keep in mind though is that the end is always in sight and that it’s never going to be bad. There’s always something to learn that will emerge out in the end. It may or may not be what you expect but you’ll know something you didn’t before and for that, reinventing is all worth it.”

Source: Limitless




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