Aladdin and Jasmine Flying Through San Francisco

A Whole New World! A Dazzling Place I Never Knew!

Hopefully this video will bring you as much joy as it did for me. “Even for San Franciscans’ high threshold for weird, this was eye-catching. The popular YouTube channel PrankvsPrank recently posted a video of star Jesse Wellens dressed as Aladdin, “flying” through San Francisco on his magic carpet. Wellens got a little assist — and not from Disney magic. The magic carpet was actually a motorized electric skateboard, which makes it seem like he’s hovering above the ground. Aladdin doesn’t go for just the quiet route; at one point, he grabs onto a cable car on California St. He also skates down Lombard St., and eventually ends up at the Palace of Fine Arts to pick up his date Jasmine.” – SF Gate  

You can also see Aladdin travel through New York City in the video below.



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