Coachella 2016 Comprehensive Artist Playlists

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “What the hell dude, where is my ‘Run it Back’ for the songs I missed this week?” There, there child, have no fear, you’ll just have to suffer with getting double the songs next week and getting 3 giant playlists full of songs for this week.

With one of the greatest weekends of the year, Coachella, just around the corner, I have put together three playlists full of the artists you’ll want to hear for each day of the sure-to-be-epic weekend.  For those who unfortunately can’t make it to the actual festival, don’t worry; be sure to watch the live stream being broadcast all weekend long on YouTube! However, if you are going be sure to do your homework and check out these playlist so you can figure out who you want to see, get a refresher on who you should see, or learn about artists you didn’t know and might want to see. There’s something for everyone in each of these playlists. The top of each playlist corresponds to the bottom of each days’ lineup. See below for the playlists.


Friday, April 15th:

Saturday, April 16th:

Sunday, April 17th:

Enjoy, and see you out on the polo fields! #CantWait



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