Audi’s 400-horsepower TT RS is a tech-heavy, no-compromise sports car

By Mashable – Audi’s TT RS proves that cutting-edge technology and blistering performance can come in one outstandingly stylish package.



On Monday morning at the Beijing Motor Show, Audi unveiled the all-new TT RS, the most extreme version of its techie and fashionable performance coupe. Thankfully, however, it’s not just a purist driving machine; it has the accoutrements modern luxury buyers have come to expect along with neck bone-rending power.

When making the ultimate version of a model, some automakers simply turn their cars up to 11 with little regard for comfort and refinement. Audi hasn’t. And I know this because the next step down from the TT RS, the TT S, is quick and sure-footed but also cushy and extremely livable.

Although the TT RS has a 400-horsepower five-cylinder engine good for a 0 to 62 mph time of 3.7 seconds, it’s not a ragged-edge motoring machine. That means it’ll be as comfortable conquering tracks as it as on your weary Wednesday evening commute — you know, the exact time you don’t want to pretend to be a race-car driver.

The interior is a sea of high-quality materials, including quilted leather seats and an Alcantara-covered steering wheel, which is a suede-like material. What’s more, behind that soft and grip-y steering wheel is Audi’s 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit display, which plays double duty as the infotainment screen and instrument cluster.

On it, the driver and the passenger alike (yes, you can see it from the passenger seat) can monitor speed, engine revs and multimedia — all with a Google Earth navigation background. Additionally, the TT RS offers onboard Wi-Fi and wireless inductive smartphone charging. Heck, the system will even dictate your tweets while you keep both hands on the steering wheel.

If that weren’t enough, Audi is offering the TT RS in both coupe and convertible forms. That, along with its quattro all-wheel drive system, means no matter the climate or your skin complexion, there’s a TT RS for you.

Audi has set European pricing for the Coupe at €66,400 and €69,200 for the convertible. Likely, Audi will announce U.S. pricing closer to the on-sale date.

Source: Mashable



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