5 Valuable Skills That Can Earn You an Extra $10,000 Per Year

By Cheat Sheet – If you’re serious about earning more money, learning some new skills that you can apply directly to your career is one of the best ways you can spend your time. There are tons of things you can learn, many of them in less than a day, which can be of immediate use to you the next time you head to work, or think of how you can start a business or new hobby. The truth is, if you’re looking to bump your salary by a considerable amount, say $10,000 or so, it’ll really just take some investment of your free time, and a little work ethic.

Employers value different things in today’s economy than they did in years past. With jobs moving overseas orbeing shifted to foreign workers to take advantage of reduced costs, many businesses and employers are looking for a different type of employee — an employee who adds significant value to their organization, and does so in ways that are often hard to define.

This can be tough for job seekers, or those looking to get a promotion or raise, as we often don’t know what employers are looking for. But we’re starting to get a better idea, and aside from hard skills that you can pick up with a college degree, soft skills — or, those that are harder to quantify and define — are becoming increasingly valuable.

If you’re serious about beefing up your earning potential and value to employers, the following five skills could potentially lead to a big raise. Again, they’re not all exactly line items on a resume, but if you can demonstrate your abilities, they’ll take you far.

1. Social skills

Chatting on an elevator