Deadpool crashes own Honest Trailer – but of course (Video)

By Malaymail Online – ScreenJunkies just pulled off the mother of all cameos for its popular “Honest Trailers” series of videos.

Yesterday, the channel debuted its take on Deadpool, with none other than the film’s star Ryan Reynolds serving as the voiceover of the Merc with a Mouth.

Andy Signore, the VP of programming at Defy Media, which owns ScreenJunkies, told Mashable that the collaboration was a long time in the making.

He added that he knew Deadpool would be perfect for the “Honest Trailers” treatment when he saw the film in February.

So he decided to enlist the 5.4 million-strong ScreenJunkies fanbase to lobby Reynolds via social media.

Signore said after a few weeks, he received a notification in his inbox that Reynolds was following him on Twitter.

That’s when the actor got in touch.

“He said, ‘Hey it’s Ryan, I’m a huge fan of Honest Trailers, I loved your Green Lantern one,” Signore told Mashable.

“He said ‘I’m super busy but what are you thinking?’ I sort of told him about what I was thinking. I said, ‘How about I give you a couple of pages and if you like it and have time? Then I gave him my email and he emailed me. He was so nice and accommodating and made time.”

Signore said Reynolds recorded the lines for the trailer when he was filming Deadpool 2 in Europe.

“He’s been really involved with the process and gave us a couple of suggestions and pointers,” Signore told Mashable.

“He’s been super cool about it. Him loving the brand and wanting to help us has just been a dream. This will definitely take the [Honest Trailer] over the edge.”

Source: Malaymail Online



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