This Is What 50 Years of American History Looks Like on the Cover of Famous Magazines

By Hypebeast – For all you history buffs, Momentous Magazines has put together an interactive piece for you to recall famous magazine covers spanning back 50 years. The piece showcases six iconic and long-running American magazines including Time, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, New Yorker, TV Guide andNational Geographic, side-by-side for easy comparison. Though each magazine focuses on different themes and events throughout US history, shown together, they give an overall sense of cultural zeitgeist at any given time. For instance, these six magazines that follow different paths showcased the same momentous events such as the terror attacks of 9/11 and the election of Barack Obama. Head over now to Momentous Magazines to find out other significant events that were featured, who has appeared the most on a cover, and if men and women are equally represented.

Source: Hypebeast



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