This Page Shows You Everyone Who Has Ignored Your Friend Request

By Unilad – You’ve committed to reading this article, so prepare yourself for a night of heartache and self-loathing.

There’s actually a way to find out everyone who has ever ignored your friend request on Facebook, and it will absolutely shatter you.

Before you just go ahead and click out of inquisitiveness, you have to be ready for abject misery. Seriously.

giphy 8 2

I made the mistake of clicking on the link before writing this article and discovered that even fucking family members have chosen not to accept my request.

So, I’m calling you out both out. Cousin Anthony and aunt Elaine – my own flesh and blood who couldn’t bear the idea of being Internet friends with me.

Let me not forget to mention Ashley, the girl I kissed on the playground when I was 13 years old, who decided to ignore my attempts at rekindling that childhood romance.

giphy 9 2

To be honest, I’m livid at all of the 56 people who have ignored my friend requests. And to be quite honest, I’m pretty tempted to call them all out one by one.

I’m looking at you Ryan, who I met at a festival last year and thought would become a good friend.

I’m also looking at you Becky, who I went to college with for two years. But no, I’m not bitter. It’s cool. Honest.

giphy 10 2

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. You can click here to find out who hates you.

If for some reason that link doesn’t work, open up your Facebook app and tap ‘Requests’ at the bottom, then click on ‘+’ in the top corner, and finally tap ‘Outgoing’.

Then you’re free to spend your Friday night in floods of tears.

 Source: Unilad


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